Make a Call to Congress!

As we speak, Congress is making important decisions about the future of funding for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. The White House has recommended that they shut down the Corporation for National and Community Service, but we aren’t going to let that happen. This is the same proposal the White House offered last year, and because of your calls, letters, and emails, Congress rejected the idea and instead voted to increase funding for these vital programs. It’s time to call on Congress again and we must make sure they hear us loud and clear: we want to increase funding for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps! 

If you live in the states below,  your Senator sits on the committee that will determine how much funding CNCS should get next year–which means it’s even more important they hear from you! When you make your call, make sure to stay on the line until you’re connected to his or her office:

AL: Senator Shelby; AK: Senator Murkowski; AR: Senator Boozman; CA: Senator Feinstein; CT:  Senator Murphy; DE: Senator Coons; FL: Senator Rubio; HI: Senator Schatz; IL:  Senator Durbin; KS: Senator Moran; KY: Senator McConnell; LA: Senator Kennedy; MD: Senator Van Hollen; ME: Senator Collins; MO: Senator Blunt; MS: Senator Hyde-Smith; ND: Senator Hoeven; NH: Senator Shaheen; OK: Senator Lankford; OR: Merkley; RI: Reed; SC: Graham; TN: Alexander; WA: Senator Murray; WI: Senator Baldwin; WV: Senators Moore-Capito and Manchin

Fill out the contact form below, and click “Call Me” to get started. You’ll receive a call back from 202-471-1244. When you’re connected to your member’s office, follow the script below and be sure to tell them your name, where you’re from, and ask them to support the expansion of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. Once your first call is complete, don’t hang up! Press * to be connected to your next member of Congress.



After you’re done calling, share on Facebook and Twitter: