Legislative Updates

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White House Releases FY23 Budget

The Biden-Harris Administration sent their fiscal year 2023 budget to Congress and requested $1.34 billion for the Corporation for National and Community Service/AmeriCorps agency, an increase of $189.3 million over the FY22 enacted level. Leveraging annual appropriations, as well as...

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Congress Finalizes FY22 Funding Five Months Into Fiscal Year  

One day after House passage, the Senate cleared H.R. 2471, a massive omnibus spending package for President Biden’s signature. The $1.5 trillion twelve-bill appropriations package funds the government through September 2022 and provides emergency aid to Ukraine. The spending package...

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House Introduces the Building Civic Bridges Act  

Led by Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-WA), nine House Republicans and nine House Democrats introduced the Building Civic Bridges Act.  This bipartisan legislation would establish an Office of Civic Bridgebuilding at the AmeriCorps agency to help reduce polarization and build relationships...

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Third CR Extends FY21 Funding Until March 11

The Senate passed another short-term funding bill to head off a government shutdown. The third continuing resolution (CR) will keep the government funded at FY21 levels for three more weeks through March 11, 2022. The House passed this measure last...

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Congress Extends FY22 CR until Feb. 18

The House and Senate passed a stopgap bill to extend federal funding through February 18, 2022. This new continuing resolution will give Congress 11 more weeks to try to resolve partisan disputes over funding levels and policy riders that have...

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House Passes Build Back Better Act

The House passed the Build Back Better Act, a roughly $2.2 trillion package of spending and tax breaks to expand the social safety net and combat climate change. The bill includes $15.2 billion for the AmeriCorps Agency to be spent over an...

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