Contact Congress

Utilize our Contact Congress tools below to contact your member of Congress via email, social media, or phone call in support of AmeriCorps – all in less than two minutes! For each option, we provide a sample message or script to make participation easy, but you can edit and customize them before use.

Please encourage other AmeriCorps alumni and supporters to use these tools to #Stand4Service as well. 

After you’ve taken a #Stand4Service – ask your friends and family to do the same! 

Share on Twitter/X, Facebook, and Instagram with the following message. You can save and use this graphic with your post(s).

DYK that Congress has proposed to eliminate @AmeriCorps? I took a #Stand4Service and asked my lawmakers to invest in @AmeriCorps. @Voices4Service has tools that make it easy – it took me 2 minutes. I hope you will speak up too: