Ask Congress to Support National Service

Approve funding and legislative reforms to stabilize national service programs and resource them for the long-term COVID-19 response

Voices for National Service and other leaders in the national service community have centered around a set of COVID-19 emergency appropriations and legislative relief recommendations for the programs operated and supported by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

If your organization can endorse these recommendations, please add your name to our growing list of supporters.

The COVID-19 pandemic will have an enormous and unprecedented impact on our country. The charitable sector – fueled by national service members – will be called upon to provide additional services to help the nation recover. Emergency funding and legislative relief is critically needed to stabilize nonprofits affected by closures and help maintain operations. The recommendations will ensure national service grantees can continue to support their AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members now, provide immediate relief to the communities they serve, and be part of the long-term national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In summary – Voices for National Service is recommending:

  • Provide $250 million in emergency funding to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS)
  • Provide CNCS with a waiver to allow AmeriCorps members to earn the full value of their Segal AmeriCorps Education Award if COVID-19 prevented them from fulfilling their service hour requirements
  • Allow Fixed Amount Grant recipients to access their federal funding if AmeriCorps members were suspended, exited early or exit at the end of the service term with less than the target number of hours due to COVID-19
  • Waive AmeriCorps and Senior Corps match requirements during the COVID-19 emergency and response and allow grantees to fully utilize their federal awards as they deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19 on their non-CNCS funding sources
  • Override CNCS regulations that cap the number of hours AmeriCorps members can spend in education, training and fundraising to support service activities
  • Provide CNCS with the authority to carryover unexpended FY20 appropriated dollars and apply these resources to the agency’s FY21 COVID-19 recovery efforts and/or give CNCS the flexibility to transfer these funds between accounts and program lines to augment existing AmeriCorps and Senior Corps grants
  • Pass S. 1355/H.R. 1794, the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award Tax Relief Act, legislation to exclude the AmeriCorps Education Award from federal income tax.


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