House Appropriations Committee Increases Funding for CNCS by $50M

The House Appropriations Committee passed the fiscal year 2021 Labor, Health, and Human Services Appropriations bill out of committee. In total, the bill would provide nearly $221 billion for the Labor-HHS-funded agencies and accounts, including $196.5 billion in regular discretionary funding. This is an increase of $2.4 billion above the FY20 enacted levels and $20.8 billion above the President’s 2021 budget request.

The FY21 bill includes $1.2 billion for the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), an increase of $50 million above the FY20 enacted level. The bill rejects the White House’s recommendation to provide only enough funding to shutdown CNCS.

Within the total amount for CNCS, the bill includes increases for AmeriCorps State and National ($18M), VISTA ($2M), NCCC ($2M), National Service Trust Fund ($4M), Senior Corps ($18M), State Commission Administration Grants ($2M), the Inspector General ($1M) and CNCS Salaries and Expenses ($3M).

It is expected that the full House of Representatives will debate the Labor-HHS bill during l the week of July 27th. This bill is the first stage of the federal funding process and funding bills still need to be considered by the Senate and signed by President Trump.

Corporation for National and Community Service Budget

Program FY20 Enacted FY21 White House Request FY21 House
AmeriCorps State and National $428.5 M $2 M $446.5 M
AmeriCorps NCCC $32.5 M $23 M $34.5 M
AmeriCorps VISTA  $93.3 M $5 M $95.3 M
National Service Trust Fund $208.3 M $0 $212.3 M
Retired Senior Volunteer Program $51.3 M $111 K $59.3 M
Foster Grandparent Program $118.8 M $111 K $120.8 M
Senior Companion Program  $50.9 M $111 K $58.9 M
Volunteer Generation Fund $6.4 M  $0 $6.4 M
Days of Service  $3.2 M  $0 $3.2 M
State Commission Admin Grants $17.5 M $0 $19.5 M
Inspector General  $5.75 M $4.25 M $6.75 M
Salaries and Expenses  $84 M $47.3 M $86.7 M
CNCS Total  $1.1 B $81.7 M $1.15 B


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