House Budget Committee Advances Reconciliation Package with $2B for AmeriCorps

The House Budget Committee completed the markup of the Build Back Better Act, a $3.5 trillion package that would invest in many of President Biden’s first-term domestic policy priorities. The bill which aims to expand the nation’s social safety net and combat climate change is facing opposition by congressional Republicans. The Democrats are trying to enact the legislation through a budgetary process called reconciliation, which would only require Democratic support to pass.

 The 10-year Build Back Better Act includes $13.2 billion to establish a Civilian Climate Corps and $80 billion in funding for Pell Grants to increase the value of a maximum educational benefit by $500. The bill includes $2 billion for the AmeriCorps agency.

 Senate Democrats have a proposal to structure the Civilian Climate Corps differently. The Senate is contemplating a much larger investment in the CCC that will fund a more robust program and will increase AmeriCorps benefits on an equal basis to all members.

The Senate position is backed by 68 House members who sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi on September 20th urging congressional leaders to dedicate $30 billion in the final reconciliation package for the establishment of a Civilian Climate Corps. The letter was co-led by Reps. Joe Neguse, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Judy Chu, Marcy Kaptur and Bobby Rush. The co-chairs of the National Service Congressional Caucus – Rep. David Price and Doris Matsui – signed on. The letter which was endorsed by Voices for National Service underscored that the CCC should be a single, unified, and visible program that can get to work quickly on climate change. It said the budget should fund a flagship program at AmeriCorps with good pay and educational awards for all participants. Additionally, any increase in funding for benefits should accrue to all AmeriCorps members. Click here to read a press release and the letter.


Build Back Better Act – Funding for Civilian Climate Corps

Reported out of the House Budget Committee on Sept. 25, 2021

Committee Program Funding Level
Education and Labor AmeriCorps Agency

AmeriCorps State and National



State Commission Admin

CNCS Administration

Project, Operations and Management Plan

Inspector General

National Service Trust

$2B (Total)









Education and Labor Dept of Labor – Job Training Programs $2.5B
Natural Resources National Park Service $1.7B
Natural Resources Bureau of Land Management $900M
Natural Resources US Fish and Wildlife $400M
Natural Resources Bureau of Indian Affairs $500M
Natural Resources NOAA $120M
Agriculture Committee US Forest Service $4.5B
Science Committee NOAA $500M
TOTAL Civilian Climate Corps $13.12M
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