House Committee Recommends $194M increase for AmeriCorps Agency

On July 15, the House Appropriations Committee approved the FY22 Labor-HHS spending bill, a measure that would provide nearly $254 billion to the Health and Human Services, Education and Labor departments. The bill includes $1.315 billion for the Corporation for National and Community Service or the AmeriCorps Agency.

The $1.315 billion for CNCS is an increase of $194 million above the FY21 enacted level and $105 million above President Biden’s budget request. Within the total amount, the bill includes $601 million for AmeriCorps State and National grants, an increase of $146 million over FY21 and $245 million for the three AmeriCorps Seniors programs, an increase of $20 million over FY21.

The House bill also includes administrative provisions that were requested by the Biden Administration. The funding bill would allow individuals with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Status to earn AmeriCorps education awards and allow AmeriCorps VISTA members who are 55 years of age or older to transfer their education award to a child, stepchild, grandchild or foster child.

During the week of July 26, the House plans to bring a seven-bill FY22 spending package to the floor for consideration. The package is expected to include the Labor-HHS spending bill.


Program  FY21  



White House 



AmeriCorps State and National $455.1M $501.1M $601.1M
AmeriCorps VISTA $97.3M $103.9M $103.9M
AmeriCorps NCCC $33.5M $37.7M $37.7M
National Service Trust Fund $185M $191M $196M
AmeriCorps Seniors $225M $244.5M $244.5M
RSVP $53.3M $55.1M $55.1M
Foster Grandparents $118.8M $130.9M $130.9M
Senior Companions $52.9M $58.5M $58.5M
Volunteer Generation Fund $6.4M $6.7M $6.7M
State Commission Support Grants $18.5M $19.5M $19.5M
Days of Service $3.2M $3.4M $3.4M
Salaries and Expenses $86.5M $91.2M $91.2M
Total CNCS  $1.121B  $1.210B  $1.315B 
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