Senate Appropriations Committee Votes to Level-Fund AmeriCorps and Senior Corps

Senate Appropriations Bill Would Maintain Funding for National Service Positions While Reducing Funding for National Service Trust Fund

The Senate Appropriations Committee marked up and approved an FY18 spending bill that would level-fund the majority of Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) programs, including AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, next year. The bill maintains current funding levels for AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, the Volunteer Generation Fund, and state service commissions, while recommending a small increase to support national days of service.

If enacted, the Senate proposal would render an $11 million cut to the National Service Trust, which provides for AmeriCorps education awards. According to CNCS and the Senate Appropriations Committee, this cut is not expected to affect the number of national service positions on the ground or the value of AmeriCorps education awards earned by those who complete a term of national service. Voices for National Service will continue to monitor this proposed cut to the National Service Trust and its potential impact on the national service community.

Corporation for National and Community Service Budget

Program ($000,000) FY17 Enacted FY18 White House Budget House FY18 Senate FY18
AmeriCorps State and National 386 2.3 386 386
AmeriCorps NCCC 30 24.1 30 30
AmeriCorps VISTA 92.4 4.9 92.4 92.4
National Service Trust 207 0 207 196
Retired Senior Volunteer Program 48.9 0.1 48.9 48.9
Foster Grandparent Program 107.7 0.1 107.7 107.7
Senior Companion Program 45.5 0.1 45.5 45.5
Volunteer Generation Fund 3.8 0 3.8 3.8
State Commission Admin Grants 16.5 0 16.5 16.5
Total CNCS 1.03B 135M 1.03B 1.02B
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