Senate Democrats Recommend $1.18B for AmeriCorps

In an effort to jumpstart bipartisan negotiations on the annual spending bills, Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) released nine FY22 appropriations bills on October 18th. The Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations bill includes $1.185 billion for the Corporation for National and Community Service, $64 million more than last year. The Senate’s funding level for the AmeriCorps Agency is $25 million less than President Biden’s FY22 request and $130 million less than the House approved on July 29th. The major differences between the Senate and House funding levels are in AmeriCorps State and National and the National Service Trust.

Already more than two weeks into FY22, Congress is on a tight deadline to pass the full-year appropriations bills before the current continuing resolution expires on December 3. The Senate Appropriations Committee does not plan to markup these spending bills under normal order but will use the drafts to aid negotiations with the House appropriators.

Program FY21 Enacted FY22 White House FY22 House FY22 Senate
AmeriCorps State and National $455.1M $501.1M $601.1M $480.1M
AmeriCorps VISTA $97.3M $103.9M $103.9M $103.9M
AmeriCorps NCCC $33.5M $37.7M $37.7M $37.7M
National Service Trust Fund $185M $191M $196M $187M
AmeriCorps Seniors $225M $244.5M $244.5M $244.5M
-RSVP $53.3M $55.1M $55.1M
-Foster Grandparents $118.8M $130.9M $130.9M
-Senior Companions $52.9M $58.5M $58.5M
Volunteer Generation Fund $6.4M $6.7M $6.7M $6.7M
State Commission Support Grants $18.5M $19.5M $19.5M $19.5M
Days of Service $3.2M $3.4M $3.4M $3.4M
Salaries and Expenses $86.5M $91.2M $91.2M $91.2M
Total CNCS $1.121B  $1.21B  $1.315B  $1.185M
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