White House Releases FY24 Budget

The Biden-Harris Administration sent their fiscal year (FY) 2024 budget to Congress, requesting $1.479 billion for AmeriCorps (referred to in the federal budget as the Corporation for National and Community Service). This is an increase of $166 million (nearly thirteen percent) over the FY23 enacted level.  

The President’s budget proposes to make important, targeted investments in the AmeriCorps programs to support over 200,000 AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors in FY24. These investments support the goal of expanding opportunities for Americans to serve together and ensuring that national service is a more accessible pathway for all.  

The budget recommends increases to AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, NCCC, Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions, and would increase the living allowance for AmeriCorps members to the equivalent of $13 per hour, on the path to $15 per hour by FY25, and increase the AmeriCorps Seniors stipend to $4.50 per hour. The President’s request also seeks $20 million for the Department of Labor to partner with AmeriCorps and other agencies to establish a Civilian Climate Corps, and seeks funding to increase the maximum Pell Grant by $820 for the 2024-25 year. If the Pell Grant increase is funded, this would increase the AmeriCorps Education Award the following year.  

The Administration is also seeking legislative language to allow individuals with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status to earn an AmeriCorps Education Award, permanently authorize AmeriCorps VISTA members over the age of 55 to elect to transfer their education award to a dependent, eliminate the federal tax on the Education Award, and establish five-year Board of Directors terms.  

While presidential budgets are non-binding and are highly unlikely to be passed in their exact form, this budget is a blueprint demonstrating the administration’s priorities. Congress will work over the coming months to draft the annual spending bills and determine funding levels for all federal programs for FY24.  

AmeriCorps Agency Budget 

Program  FY23 Enacted  White House FY24 Request  WH Increase over FY23  Proposed Voices FY24 Request   Proposed Voices Request Increase over FY23 
AmeriCorps State and National  557.09M  650.8M  93.7M or 17%  756.5M  199.7M or 36% 
AmeriCorps VISTA  103.285M  141.6M  38.3M or 37%  141.6M  38.3M or 37% 
AmeriCorps NCCC  37.735M  43.3M  5.6M or 15%  43.3M  5.6M or 15% 
National Service Trust  230M  213M  -17M or -7%  230M  level funding 
AmeriCorps Seniors  236.917M  262.4M  25.4M or 11%  275M  38.1M or 16% 
  • RSVP 
55.1M  55.1M  level funding  63M  7.9M or 14% 
  • Foster Grandparents (FGP) 
125.363M  143.5M  18.1M or 14%  147M  21.64M or 17% 
  • Senior Companions (SCP) 
56.449M  63.8M  7.4M or 13%  65M  8.6M or 15% 
Volunteer Generation Fund  8.6M  8.6M  level funding  10.6M  2M or 23% 
State Commission Support Grants  19.54M  19.54M  level funding  21M   1.46M or 7% 
Days of Service  6.148M  6.148M  level funding  6.148M  level funding 
Evaluation  6.25M  6.25M  level funding  6.25M  level funding 
CNCS Salaries and Expenses  99.686M  118.4M  18.7M or 19%  114.7M  15.01M or 15% 
Inspector General  7.595M  8.572M  977K or 13%  7.595M  level funding 
Total CNCS  1.313B  1.479B  +166M or 13%  1.613B  +300M or 23% 


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