FoodCorps partners with schools and communities to nourish kids’ health, education, and sense of belonging so that every child, in every school, experiences the joy and power of food. Our AmeriCorps members serve alongside educators and school nutrition leaders to provide kids with nourishing meals, food education, and culturally affirming experiences with food that celebrate and nurture the whole child. Building on this direct service, FoodCorps advocates for policy change, grows networks, and develops leaders in service of every kid’s health and well-being. Our goal is that by 2030, every child will have access to food education and nourishing food in school. 

School is where kids grow and learn—physically, academically, and emotionally. For many kids, it’s also where they eat as many as two out of three of their daily meals, and where they build relationships with food that will last a lifetime. Too often, systemic racism and classism impact both kids’ access to food and their opportunities to learn about it, though access to nourishing meals is a foundation for every child’s ability to learn. FoodCorps works in schools to get kids excited about eating fruits and veggies, support school nutrition staff in getting nourishing meals on the lunch tray, and create welcoming school environments for kids of all cultures and identities.

Recognizing the power of collective action to ensure a bright future for national service, FoodCorps is a member of Voices for National Service. “We need to stand together to expand service opportunities in America,” says Curt Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder of FoodCorps. “Voices for National Service unites our movement in a single voice to achieve that goal and to enable organizations like FoodCorps to reach more students and communities.”

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