January 2020 Poll Finds Broad Bipartisan Support for National Service

A January 2020 poll by TargetPoint Consulting finds broad bipartisan support for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.


TargetPoint Consulting conducted 1,100 nationally represented interviews and found that support for continued and expanded federal investment in national service is universal and nearly unanimous.

82% of voters across party lines support increasing or maintaining the federal investment in national service, including 78% of Republicans and 88% of Democrats.

Those surveyed found national service’s mission compelling and motivating:

    • 87% of voters support programs that help veterans transition back to civilian life.
    • 86% of voters support programs that lead community cleanup and rebuilding efforts after natural disasters strike.
    • 83% of voters support programs that provide academic support and encouragement to students that lead to improved attendance, behavior, and academic performance.
    • 82% of voters support programs that give young people a chance to serve their community and their country while developing workplace skills and earning money for college.

TargetPoint found strong support for expanding national service:

  • 7 in 10 voters would be more likely to support a presidential candidate who came out with a plan to guarantee funding to allow all qualified applicants to serve in AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.

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