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“I spent two years serving my country with AmeriCorps. In return, Uncle Sam sent me a bill.” – USA TODAY

Read this OpEd from Libby Bramson, AmeriCorps Alum, on how she was negatively affected by the tax on service:

“Every year young Americans heed the signal to serve their country — volunteering their blood, sweat, and tears to the promise of a nation that’s stronger and more prosperous.Some of these heroes clothe themselves in the colors of the Armed Forces, but other patriots still answer the call of duty through national service, sometimes devoting years working to address critical economic, educational, and health care needs of communities all across the country.

I was among them, and spent two exhausting years serving in California schools to put the American dream within reach for all kids no matter their station.

I will forever be proud of that hard work in service of my country. I served because I love America, because I believe its greatness is won and lost by the devotion of its citizens.

In return, my government sent me a bill. Read more in USA TODAY…

Did the federal tax on the AmeriCorps education award affect your life, finances, and/or career and education plans? We want to hear from you!

The original vision for AmeriCorps was simple: invite young Americans to roll up their sleeves and engage in intensive national service to support communities. In exchange, those who complete a term of service would be provided with an education scholarship that can make higher education more affordable.

Unfortunately, the AmeriCorps education award is subject to federal taxation after it is used–which has significant practical implications. Because the award is sent directly to the institution of higher education or to the student loan lender, AmeriCorps alumni are not able to use a portion of the award to pay the resulting tax. This creates an unexpected tax burden on the dedicated Americans who commit to serving the country through AmeriCorps. It’s essentially a tax on service.

Voices for National Service is working to advance bipartisan legislation that excludes the AmeriCorps Education Award from taxation, and we need stories from AmeriCorps alumni. To help make the case for this tax relief, we are looking for stories from AmeriCorps alumni who have endured a hardship as a result of the tax on the education award.

Do you have a story to tell?

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