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The Hill: Why AmeriCorps Is A Program Conservatives Should Love

AmeriCorps, a domestic Peace Corps, is a federally funded program that provides modest living allowances and college aid to Americans who perform significant amounts of structured community service by responding to natural disasters, boosting education, bolstering public safety, fighting poverty,...

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The Republican Case for Saving AmeriCorps

By Stephen Goldsmith - I was dubious when George W. Bush put me in charge of the agency administering AmeriCorps. But I saw the good in it—and we made it better. The administration should spare it.

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In Budget Math, Make National Service A Priority

By Eric Tanenblatt - Civilian national service—responding to Hurricanes on the coast and tornadoes in the plains or teaching inner-city youth—transcends partisan divides in the same was as military service. They both make for better citizens and a stronger nation....

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