National Service in the News, page 9

The Republican Case for Saving AmeriCorps

By Stephen Goldsmith - I was dubious when George W. Bush put me in charge of the agency administering AmeriCorps. But I saw the good in it—and we made it better. The administration should spare it.

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In Budget Math, Make National Service A Priority

By Eric Tanenblatt - Civilian national service—responding to Hurricanes on the coast and tornadoes in the plains or teaching inner-city youth—transcends partisan divides in the same was as military service. They both make for better citizens and a stronger nation....

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The Hill: Uniting a Divided Nation

By Former Govs. Jennifer Granholm and Dirk Kempthorne - As two people from different parties and parts of the country, we may disagree about many things. But we agree about the value of a “service year.”

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