White House Releases FY25 Budget Request

While Congress is trying to bring the fiscal year (FY) 2024 budget process to a resolution, President Biden sent Congress his FY 2025 budget request. The Biden-Harris Administration is seeking $1.342 billion for AmeriCorps. This is a 2% increase ($29 million) over the FY23 enacted level, and $136 million less than Biden requested for FY24.

In FY23, the agency awarded funds to support 209,360 members across their six core programs. President Biden’s FY25 budget would reduce the overall corps size to approximately 191,000 AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, representing 24,824 fewer service opportunities in AmeriCorps State and National, VISTA, NCCC, the Foster Grandparent Program and the Senior Companion Program.

The President’s budget seeks investments in three Administration priorities:

  • Reduce barriers to service by increasing the member living allowance to the equivalent of $13 per hour;
  • Establish and expand the American Climate Corps (ACC), standing up a new ACC Hub at AmeriCorps and seeking $8 billion in mandatory spending to support an additional 50,000 ACC members annually by 2031; and
  • Improve financial and operational reform by investing in the agency’s systems, internal controls, audit readiness, technology, and staffing.

Across the board, the President’s total budget is constrained by the Fiscal Responsibility Act, which capped nondefense discretionary spending at $711 billion in FY25. The Fiscal Responsibility Act also rescinded unobligated American Rescue Plan funds from AmeriCorps ($70.1 million) and the Centers for Disease Control ($176 million), resources that were expected to fund AmeriCorps and Public Health AmeriCorps positions in FY24.

The Administration is also seeking legislative language to address several priorities including:

  • Allow individuals with DACA status, asylum seekers, and refugees who are already eligible for employment in the U.S. to serve with AmeriCorps and earn an Education Award;
  • Remove the drug conviction bar on disbursing an Education Award to align with reforms to federal student aid eligibility;
  • Eliminate the federal tax on the AmeriCorps Education Award;
  • Increase the maximum NCCC age to 26; and
  • Extend civil service eligibility benefits afforded to Peace Corps and AmeriCorps VISTA members to all AmeriCorps members who serve for one year.

While presidential budget requests are non-binding and are highly unlikely to be passed in their exact form, this budget is a blueprint demonstrating the administration’s priorities. Congress will work over the coming months to draft the annual spending bills and determine funding levels for all federal programs for FY25.

AmeriCorps Agency Budget (in thousands)

Program FY23 Enacted White House FY24 Request White House FY25 Request Difference between FY23 Enacted & President’s FY25 Request
Operating Expenses $975,525 $1,138,618 $1,046,276 $70,751
AmeriCorps State and National $557,094 $650,834 $591,336 $34,242
AmeriCorps VISTA $103,285 $141,626 $136,517 $33,232
AmeriCorps NCCC $37,735 $43,300 $42,491 $4,756
RSVP $55,105 $55,105 $56,510 $1,405
Foster Grandparents $125,363 $143,450 $124,625 -$738
Senior Companions $56,449 $63,809 $54,303 -$2,146
State Commission Support $19,538 $19,538 $19,538 $0
Days of Service $6,148 $6,148 $6,148 $0
Volunteer Generation Fund $8,558 $8,558 $8,558 $0
Evaluation $6,250 $6,250 $6,250 $0
National Service Trust $230,000 $213,000 $159,951 -$70,049
Salaries and Expenses $99,686 $118,434 $127,104 $27,418
Office of Inspector General $7,595 $8,572 $8,762 $1,167
Total Agency $1,312,806 $1,478,624 $1,342,093 $29,287


AmeriCorps Positions Awarded and Projected

Program Positions Awarded in FY23 FY25 Positions Requested by White House Difference between FY23 Awarded Positions & FY25 Request
AmeriCorps State and National 66,900 members 44,571 members -22,339 members
AmeriCorps VISTA 7,000 members 5,775 members -1,225 members
AmeriCorps NCCC 1,760 members 1,460 members -300 members
RSVP 110,000 members 116,500 members +6,500 members
Foster Grandparents 16,000 members 15,400 members -600 members
Senior Companions 7,700 members 7,370 members -330 members
Total Agency 209,360 members 191,076 members 18,284 fewer members


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