White House Sends Congress a FY21 Budget

President’s Budget Proposal calls for shutdown of CNCS in FY21

On February 10, the White House released their FY21 budget request. The budget calls for the elimination of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. It recommends that Congress appropriate $82 million to support the orderly shutdown of CNCS operations.

The President has proposed to eliminate support for national service programs before and Congress has rejected the recommendation each time. In FY20, Congress approved – and the President signed in law – a $21 million increase in national service funding. This included an increase to the stipends for Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions to $3.00/hour and an additional $1 million for the September 11th Day of Service and Remembrance.

Once again, Congress has the opportunity to protect funding for national service. In the coming months, congressional leaders will work to finalize funding levels for all federal programs for FY21.

Corporation for National and Community Service Budget

Program FY20 Enacted FY21 White House Request
AmeriCorps State and National $428.5 million $2 million
AmeriCorps NCCC $32.5 million $23 million
AmeriCorps VISTA $93.3 million $5 million
National Service Trust Fund $208.3 million $0
RSVP $51.3 million $0
Foster Grandparent Program $118.7 million $0
Senior Companion Program $50.8 million $0
Volunteer Generation Fund $6.4 million $0
State Commission Administration $17.5 million $0
Days of Service $3.2 million $0
Inspector General $5.75 million $4.25 million
Salaries and Expenses $84 million $47.3 million
CNCS Total $1.1 billion $82 million

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Want to respond to the President’s proposal? Click here to learn how you can get involved and urge Congress to protect national service funding.

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