Service Year Challenge to Presidential Candidates


Now more than ever, America needs citizens of all backgrounds to come together and tackle the many problems facing our communities. We can start by offering every young American the opportunity to complete a service year, which will help solve today’s challenges and prepare tomorrow’s leaders.

Service year opportunities – such as AmeriCorps – have a legacy of bipartisan presidential and congressional backing, enjoy overwhelming support from American voters of all party affiliations, are sought by young adults, and represent a proven strategy that can tackle pressing challenges while saving taxpayer dollars in the process. Increasing these service year opportunities would help unify the country and become a living legacy of the next president.

Add your name alongside bipartisan leaders in the entertainment, technology, business, military, government, and nonprofit sectors — challenge the next president to make service year opportunities a cultural expectation and common opportunity for young Americans of all backgrounds.

Read the full challenge, and view all that have signed here.