Congress Passes Final FY24 Funding Package

This weekend, the House and Senate passed a $1.2 trillion FY24 “minibus” funding package, which included $1.26 billion for AmeriCorps. The package, which included the six appropriations bills – Labor-HHS, Defense, Financial Services, Homeland Security, Legislative Branch, and State and Foreign Operations – was signed into law by President Biden on Saturday.  

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) pursued FY24 appropriations on a laddered approach with two deadlines; the first bill was signed into law earlier this month, designated $467.5 billion through six bills – Agriculture, Commerce/Justice/Science, Energy/Water, Interior, MilCon-VA, and Transportation-HUD.  

The FY24 spending bills have adhered to budget caps agreed to by President Biden and former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). In total, defense funding will increase by about 3%, while non-defense spending has been slightly cut from FY23 levels.  

Funding for the Labor-HHS-Education accounts has been reduced by $200 million – 1% below FY23 – and the majority of programs were level funded or received small cuts. Funding for a handful of priority accounts has been slightly increased, including child care, Head Start, Alzheimer’s and cancer research, and Title I funding for school districts.  

The Corporation for National and Community Service (operating as AmeriCorps) received $1.26 billion in the final FY24 bill. All accounts were level funded at FY23 levels, except for the National Service Trust Fund, which was reduced by $50 million, from $230 million to $180 million. While the funding for AmeriCorps is $219 million below President Biden’s FY24 budget request, Congress thoroughly rejected the extreme cuts proposed by the House of Representatives earlier this year. 

Accounts  FY23 Enacted  FY24 White House Request  FY24 House Mark  FY24 Senate Mark  FY24 Enacted 
Program Operating Expenses  975.5 M  1.139 B  593.3 M  975.5 M  975.5 M 
AmeriCorps State and National  557.1 M  650.8 M  425.3 M  557.1 M  557.1 M 
AmeriCorps VISTA  103.3 M  141.6 M  0  103.3 M  103.3 M 
AmeriCorps NCCC  37.74 M  43.3 M  0  37.74 M  37.74 M 
AmeriCorps Seniors  236.9 M  262.4 M  161.9 M  236.9 M  236.9 M 
Volunteer Generation Fund  8.56 M  8.6 M  0  8.56 M  8.56 M 
State Commission Support  19.54 M  19.54 M  0  19.54 M  19.54 M 
Days of Service  6.15 M  6.15 M  6.15 M  6.15 M  6.15 M 
Evaluation  6.25 M  6.25 M  0  6.25 M  6.25 M 
National Service Trust  230 M  213 M  0  180 M  180 M 
Salaries and Expenses  99.69 M  118.4 M  60 M  99.69 M  99.69 M 
Office of Inspector General  7.6 M  8.57 M  7.6 M  7.6 M  7.6 M 
CNCS Total  1.313 B  1.479 B  660.9 M  1.263 B  1.263 B 

Since the FY24 funding process ended six months late, Congress must now quickly pivot to FY25. President Biden sent Congress his FY25 budget request on March 15th, seeking $1.342 billion for AmeriCorps. While the White House is recommending a modest 2% increase, AmeriCorps needs at least $345 million more in FY25 to protect more than 75,000 AmeriCorps and 143,000 AmeriCorps Seniors positions. Additional investment in FY25 will ensure communities can continue to count on AmeriCorps for help where it is needed most.  


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