Toolkit on Educating Elected Officials

On February 12, the administration released their FY19 budget which calls for the elimination for the Corporation for National and Community Service, AmeriCorps, and Senior Corps over the course of the next year. The White House proposal would provide only the funds necessary to “wind down” the agency and its programs in FY19.

The administration’s budget proposal is just a starting point, a set of recommendations on how to prioritize federal spending. It is ultimately up to Congress to determine which federal programs are funded and at what levels. We must make sure Congress protects funding for AmeriCorps and Senior Corps and maintains our nation’s longstanding, bipartisan commitment to national service.


“Meet Your Member (and their staff)” for an In-District Meeting during August Recess

During the August congressional recess, your members of Congress will be back at home engaging with constituents. We are encouraging the entire national service field to take this opportunity to meet with your elected leaders about the importance of ensuring robust funding for national service programs. Use this toolkit for helpful tips and resources to help you schedule your district office meeting.

Contact Your Member of Congress

Whether you are a national service program leader, an AmeriCorps alum, or a concerned citizen, Congress needs to hear from you. Many members of Congress are unaware that non-profits and faith-based programs operating in their state or district that leverage grants and national service members from the Corporation from National and Community Service to deliver services to their constituents. We need to explain that cuts to CNCS would have a direct, meaningful impact. You can take action with our easy-to-use tools. Additionally, please share these resources with your networks and encourage them to contact their members of Congress too.

Email Congress

Tweet at Congress

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Ask Your Board Members, Service Partners, and Other Local Leaders to Help Protect National Service Funding

Template Letters to Congress
Members of Congress look to the leaders in their communities to let them know what’s working on the ground and what’s making a difference in the lives of their constituents.  Your mayors, board members, sponsors, service partners, and other supporters understand the value of your program and can provide critical insight to elected officials about the return on investment of national service. Ask these champions to weigh-in by sending a letter or calling their members of Congress. Use one of our template letters, which you can customize for your supporter and encourage them to sign and send to Washington.

Submit a Letter to the Editor in Your Local Paper

As a member of your community, you can make your voice heard by submitting a Letter to the Editor to your local newspaper(s). We’ve created a simple toolkit that provides tips and a sample draft for you to use. If your letter gets placed, please let us know, and we’ll be sure to share over social media!

Invite Your Member of Congress to Visit Your Program

A good service site visit with a member of Congress is the best way to build support for national service. Site visits can help to foster relationships that could benefit your program and the national service movement for years to come. The next congressional recesses are March 26-April 6, 2018 and April 30-May 4,2018. Start planning your site visit now to prepare for the next recess. Use our template letter of invitation and tips to help schedule a visit and make it a great success.

Help us Secure an Editorial Board Meeting with your Local Paper or Place an Opinion Editorial

We are looking for local leaders who would be willing to request an editorial board meeting with their local paper or author an opinion editorial showcasing the value of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. If you want to organize a group and seek a meeting with your local editorial board, we can help you request an appointment. Good candidates to author an Opinion Editorial include governors, mayors, former members of Congress, school district superintendents, business leaders, and university presidents. Let us know if you or someone you know would be willing to author an op-ed. We are available to help with drafting and placement.


National Service Fact Sheet

The fact sheet outlines critical information about the history and impact of national service programs – and why Congress should protect this important investment for local communities. This is a helpful resource if you need talking points or are writing a letter to the editor or opinion editorial for your local paper.

House and Senate Appropriations Committees

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees, specifically the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies Subcommittees, oversee funding for the Corporation for National and Community Service. These are the key decision-makers on funding for national service.

Disclaimer on Political Activity:

As you represent the national service and volunteering community, please keep all political and advocacy activities completely separate from federal grant-funded activities. If your organization receives federal funds, you are allowed to participate in Voices for National Service call days, events, activities, and sign-on letters, but it is critical that participation in these activities is not supported by federal funds.  Please do not make calls while on grant-time or using technology funded by your organization’s federal grant. The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) rules are clear on this issue, as are the general rules that apply to all grantees of the federal government. We must be scrupulous in abiding by these rules, and we hope you will review these resources from CNCS that explains the restrictions on legislative lobbying and partisan politics. Again, thank you for your passion for national service.